A Message from Our President

As summer draws to a close it is scary to think that I will be graduating in less than half a year. I often wonder where my college days went... but then I slap myself for waxing eloquent and come to the realization that hands-down some of the best memories I had while at The University were with the TTC. I can still remember my first trip, a weekend backpacking jaunt with the infamous Jeremy "Papa Goat" Krones to Sproul State Forest in central Pennsylvania my freshman year. After a series of unfortunate events that left us stranded not 3 miles outside of campus with a burnt fuse and rolled-down windows (as an impending rain storm threatened), the five of us became intimately acquainted with each other in the early 90's matchbox of a car. By the time we arrived at our trailhead, five former strangers were now best of friends; through impromptu car maintenance, a speeding ticket and many wrong turns we had bonded and faced our troubles together.

Looking back, the 32-mile trail was the easiest part of that trip. Honestly, that is what the TTC is all about: Strangers coming together with some idea of what they want to accomplish, forming bonds and sharing the love of the outdoors and all things adventure. We might all arrive at the TTC by different means...the eager freshman looking to branch out, the accomplished senior hoping to finally go on a trip with "that awesome club all his friends talk about", the UMD alumnus seeking the familiarity of the campus community after she has been thrust into the "real world"...but we all come out as one united, connected and strengthened campus community. The TTC is the "best thing that ever happened to me," the "why didn't I join sooner," and the "my kids won't believe what I did in college" kind of club, and I hope you get as much out of the club as I did in my three and a half years here at UMD. Will I come back after I graduate? Heck yeah! This club is just too awesome! Here's to another 75 years!

— Nick Ruiz, TTC President, Class of 2014

Upcoming Trips

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